Christmas for Orphans

Christmas for Orphans

1.  Organization: VisionTrust

Partnership Model: Give Christmas to Orphans

 Description: Christmas is about hope… hope in Jesus to save the world. For orphaned and impoverished children, hope can be a difficult concept because their parents have abandoned them or they go to bed hungry with no idea if they will eat tomorrow. You can give hope by meeting their real needs.

What Local Host Does:  Visit (available in September) to download the VisionTrust Christmas Catalog.  Share the Christmas gift ideas with your church, Bible Study, work team or group of friends and decide together which items you would like to donate to give hope to orphans this Christmas.

What Organizational Partner Does: VisionTrust provides you with Christmas giving ideas for orphans and impoverished children that we are working with overseas. Then, we will deliver your gifts to these children overseas!

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