Beds and Bibles

Beds and Bibles

Partnership Model: Sweet Sleep’s Insomnia Project (Youth-Focused)

Description: You may think there’s no reason to put yourself through the torture of another lock-in. Here are 210 million reasons why you should. According to UNICEF, there are 210 million orphaned and abandoned children worldwide. Many of these children sleep in old, broken or soiled beds or have no beds at all – forcing them to sleep on cold, hard floors making them susceptible to crawling, biting insects and disease. So there you go. 210 million reasons to plan a lock-in for Orphan Sunday.

What Local Host Does: Your students can literally change the lives of orphans around the world by participating in INSOMNIA — an all-night event where students experience what it’s like to be an orphan and not have a place to pray, to dream or to sleep sweetly.

What Organizational Partner Does: Make accessing the materials you need for your “Lock-in” easy!  Everything you need is free and available for downloading.  Resources include:

  • Bible studies
  • videos
  • prayer experiences and quiet time guides
  • schedules for planning
  • fundraising forms and more, is free and available for download.  INSOMNIA is easy, flexible, fun and engages your students in their God-given call to minister to orphans.

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Partnership Model #3: Sweet Sleep’s Nickels for Nets Project (Church-wide)

Description: Nickels for Nets is a challenging, educational and fun program to get your church members involved with Sweet Sleep’s mission to provide life-saving mosquito nets for orphaned and abandoned children in Africa and Haiti.  Without these nets, children are susceptible to malaria and its dangerous, deadly effects. Cerebral malaria (the worst case of the disease) can kill a child in 72 hours after being bitten by the infected mosquito.

What Local Host Does: Your congregation will be challenged to give or raise as much money as possible (whether in the form of nickels, change or dollars) to provide life-saving mosquito nets to other children in Third World countries. Each mosquito net is only $8, so for every 160 nickels (or 800 pennies, 32 quarters, 80 dimes, etc.) a child raises, a net will be provided to an orphaned or abandoned child in immediate need of a mosquito net.

What Organizational Partner Does: Sweet Sleep will provide:

  • Nickels for Nets program curriculum.  It is designed for use in children’s ministry classrooms but easily adapted for students or adults, and focuses on the importance of using mosquito nets in other parts of the world.
  • Nickels for Nets personal collection boxes to be given to church members.  These boxes can collect monies given by family members, friends, co-workers and others.  What a great way to engage the community!
  • Video: “Now That I Have Seen: Sweet Sleep for Uganda”.  This video is designed to engage your congregation in a special, one-time offering.  It shares facts about malaria and addresses our call to minister to orphans and widows.  For a one-time offering we suggest you use buckets to collect your Nickels for Nets in the back of the sanctuary or use your normal offering practices instead of requesting the small collection boxes.

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