Partnership Package Submission

Welcome CAFO Member Organization!

Please complete the below information if you wish to have a partnership package considered for the Orphan Sunday web site.

We encourage you to develop your package with your own constituents in mind! Orphan Sunday Partnership Packages are most often used when they are promoted by the offering organization! Be sure to send your partnership package out to your donors and members, and encourage your contacts to participate in Orphan Sunday.

If we feel your package is a good fit for the OS site, we will add it to our menu. You may view examples here!

Thank you for all you do for the orphan.

The Orphan Sunday Team

Partnership Package Submission From

Please consider the following as you think through your partnership package: 1. Only one partnership package per organization at a time. 2. The Organization Partner must provide support for the Host beyond sending literature. 3. Any updates to packages must be sent via to [email protected]
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