Food and Supplies

Food and Supplies

1. Organization Name:  Food For Orphans

Partnership Model:  Food Aid to Orphans

Description: Food For Orphans provides assistance and food to orphans that truly need help.  That means we fund feeding programs in mostly poor third world countries.  We seek out those orphan care programs that have exhibited the ability and history to care effectively for the needs of orphans, yet struggle to provide the necessary food.  From the orphan care providers, we require project financial accountability, monthly reports, updates on the condition of the orphans and unlimited access to the project.  Our goal is to make sure that every orphan receives at least one nutritious meal per day by supplying the funds to purchase food for orphans around the world.  Food is usually purchased locally in the village, but sometimes the food is shipped to the orphan project.  We are currently feeding orphans in Asia, Africa, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. What Local Host Does: Raise awareness and rally together to get food to orphans, urging congregation to join the ONE Meal Miracle effort.  The ONE Meal Miracle is a way families can copy the little boy that donated his meal to Jesus who then turned those few fishes and loaves of bread into a meal that could feed many.  Families simply donate the cost of one meal per month to feed at least ONE orphan every day in that month.  This personal connection to orphans assures the genuine heartfelt emotional response the church is seeking. What Organizational Partner Does: We will provide churches with a short video, bulletin inserts, pledge cards, and sermon notes to support their Orphan Sunday Event. For More Information:

2.  Organization Name: Orphan Outreach

Partnership Model: Mission Backpack Collection

Description: Orphan Outreach Mission Backpack provides orphans with new backpacks and the message that they are not alone. Individuals and groups can easily get involved in this mission project by collecting new and gently used backpacks for orphans and vulnerable children in Christian schools and orphanages around the world. On Orphan Outreach short term mission trips backpacks are distributed with school supplies and the hope of Jesus Christ. You can also consider recruiting a team of individuals from your church to join an Orphan Outreach mission trip and personally distribute your backpacks and the Gospel to orphans. The mission of Orphan Outreach is to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ by ministering to orphans around the world, by meeting their spiritual, physical, emotional and educational needs. What Local Host Does: Plan a collection activity for Orphan Sunday weekend.  This could include inviting people to bring backpacks [or undies] to church on Monday, November 7, as well as incorporating a sermon, Sunday School class, prayer time or student event focused on God’s heart for the orphan.

  • It’s easy to sign up online at
  • Use supplied posters to promote collection
  • Collect backpacks and school supplies
  • Send collected items to Orphans Outreach

What Organizational Partner Does: Orphan Outreach will supply you promotional posters and Mission Backpack “luggage” tags so that each donor can write personal notes and attach them to their backpacks.  Orphan Outreach will get supplies and backpacks to orphans in desperate need! Contact for Further Information:

3.  Organization:  Show Hope

Partnership Model: Collect Supplies for Orphans with Special Needs What Local Host Does: Begin a collection drive of the needed supplies for Show Hope’s Special Care Centers. Description: Show Hope is a movement dedicated to caring for orphans. One way that we work to transform the lives of orphans is by providing surgeries and medical help through our Special Care Centers in China such as Maria’s Big House of Hope. Our sponsors provide us with funds to support these care centers; however, there are a number of supplies and items we need that your church can collect together and donate. What Organizational Partner Does: On our website, we provide a list of items that Show Hope currently needs to keep our Special Care Centers functioning. We also provide packing slips. Contact for Further Information:

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