Loving Shepherd Ministries

Organization: Loving Shepherd Ministries

Partnership Model: Individualized Church Partnership Event

Description: Loving Shepherd Ministries works with churches all over the U.S. to help mobilize them to action in the Orphan Crisis. Our distinctive is a commitment to empowering churches to do what God is calling them to do to care for the fatherless. As a result, LSM develops individualized church-based Orphan Ministry programs and is now making these same services available to churches around the country in planning an Orphan Sunday Event. Cutting edge material available to partnering churches includes video, printed handouts, and compelling activities showing God’s heart for the orphan and more importantly what we as His people can do about it. Orphan Sunday is a great opportunity for either existing Orphan Ministries, or churches that are just looking to get started to partner with us in defending the cause of the fatherless. We’d love to see an Orphan Sunday Event be a catalyst for your church’s vision!

What Local Host Does: Assemble a team of passionate people from your church who will secure support from church leadership, consult with LSM on the event planning, implement the individualized Orphan Sunday event, and provide follow-up to help your church come to the aid of the fatherless.

What Organizational Partner Does: Provide resources and consulting to the local church to plan a maximum impact event for the local host church and provide ongoing support after the event to help bring long-term effectiveness to the work of the local church.

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