Forgotten Voices International

Organization: Forgotten Voices International

Partnership Model: Individualized Church to Church Partnerships

Description: Forgotten Voices International is demonstrating the love of Jesus Christ by equipping local churches in southern Africa to meet the physical & spiritual needs of AIDS orphans in their communities.

We are focused on locally developed, locally run orphan care to protect the voices of pastors, community leaders, and the children they serve. This focus on local churches extends to US churches, who play a vital role in encouraging African church leaders, financially supporting orphan care projects and raising awareness about the needs of children orphaned by AIDS. We see amazing opportunities for the global Church to come together to provide care for vulnerable children and offer mutual encouragement, support and discipleship – all using the strengths and resources God has given them to address the needs of orphaned children.

What Local Host Does: Use your voice to serve as an advocate within your own congregation for the children and churches served by Forgotten Voices. Determine the best way to share the ministry of Forgotten Voices with your church community, using Orphan Sunday as an awareness builder and launching point for on-going involvement. Using provided video, handouts and activities, present the opportunity for individuals and/or your church as a whole to partner with Forgotten Voices. Collect contact information of those who wish to get involved or know more.

What Organizational Partner Does: Work with you to determine the best way your church can develop a mutually beneficial relationship with Forgotten Voices and the church partners we support in southern Africa. Will ship necessary presentation materials to local host, equip host with the information needed to advocate, and provide follow up for individuals and church leaders interested in on-going partnership opportunities.

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Partnership Model #2: Be a Voice

Description: Receive information on being an advocate for children orphaned by AIDS in southern Africa. Equipped with prayer requests, videos, stories from the ground, and literature for distribution, you can share the ministry of Forgotten Voices with churches, organizations and individuals in your area and help them find creative ways to get involved.

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Partnership Model #3: Student Research Ideas

Description: High school and college students (or anyone who loves learning) can help equip churches and empower orphans. If you have a paper, project or research requirement, focus your work around one of our suggested topics. Then email your finished product to us with the research topic in the Subject Line. Through targeted research, you can provide invaluable information that will help us fulfill our mission.

Further Information: Visit Forgotten Voices

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Partnership Model #4: Become a monthly donor

Description: Your investment is needed to train and equip local pastors, finance school fees for orphaned children, provide homebased care and psycho-social support to families directly impacted by AIDS, offer agricultural training and resources, and expand our ministry to new communities. Together, by God’s grace, we can accomplish great things!

Further Information: Visit Forgotten Voices

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Partnership Model #5: Kids Serving Kids

Description: Kids Serving Kids is an outreach of Forgotten Voices International that equips parents, kids and families to know, love, pray, give and serve kids whose voices are forgotten in their communities, Southern Africa and the world. Kids Serving Kids connects parents with resources, materials and opportunities to empower, inspire and serve side-by-side with their kids to demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ throughout the world.

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