Child Sponsorship

Child Sponsorship

1.  Organization Name: Bethany Christian Services 

Partnership Model: Family Sponsorship- One Family 

What the Local Host Does:  Monthly Sponsorship Gift- collect funds as a church, family, or individual. As a One Family sponsor, you will become a family preservation partner directly helping one child and their family. Your monthly gifts provide critical resources like nutritious food, medicine, clean drinking water, help for a parent to start a small business, or assistance with school fees for children. You provide the customized care the family needs to get through a crisis and become stronger. One Family is your way to reach out to a vulnerable family. It’s your way to protect children, preserve families, and help children grow up in a strong, loving environment. Become a family preservation partner through One Family and change lives.

What the Organizational Partner Does:  Bethany caseworkers identify the specific resources that a family requires. They then take the Sponsorship shares that the community gives and apply them to the specific plan for each family, with the end goal of the family “graduating” from Sponsorship and being self-sustainable.

Contact for More Information:

  • Name: Marla Bliss
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Web site:

2.  Organization Name: Every Orphan’s Hope

Title of Partnership Package:   Give HOPE to orphans!

Brief Description: Every Orphan’s Hope builds homes for widows and orphans in Zambia. We pair eight orphans with a widowed woman, whom they call “Mama,” and they form a new family in a new home. Through our ONE:27 sponsorship program, 100% of your $27/month goes toward the care of your child.

What Local Host Does:  

Invite an ORPHAN in your community to give his or her TESTIMONY to your congregation.

Display the Orphan Sunday POSTER (provided in your Orphan Sunday packet) throughout your church and around your community.

Wear and share the GOOD NEWS WRISTBAND (provided in your Orphan Sunday packet). You can purchase 5-pack and 100-pack wristbands on

Hold an INTERACTIVE BOOTH at your church with videos and print materials in your Orphan Sunday packet. With a laptop or iPad, like the Every Orphan’s Hope FACEBOOK page, and encourage everyone at your booth to send our orphans in Zambia a comment.

In your small group, PRAY for orphans in Zambia and around the world.

Host a BIBLE STUDY on caring for widows and orphans. Some verses to discuss include: Isaiah 1:17, James 1:27, Matthew 18:5, Exodus 22:22, Psalm 27:10, Psalm 68:5-6, Psalm 82:3, and Jeremiah 22:3. (Bible study guides are also available in the “Resources” section.)

BUY A CHICK. HELP AN ORPHAN! Chicks 4 Orphans is a sustainable poultry farming business of Every Orphan’s Hope. Buy a chick for only $5. (Details at

SPONSOR A CHILD through Every Orphan’s Hope! 100% of your $27/month donation goes toward the care of your child. YES! 100%.

What Organization Partner Does

We will send you an Orphan Sunday packet with print materials, photos, videos, and audio recordings of our kids in Zambia. Contact us!

Contact for Further Information:

3.  Organization:  Forgotten Voices

Partnership Model: Orphan Giving Cubes (At home Engagement)

Description: Forgotten Voices International is Innovating Orphan Care through the local church. Support and advocate for orphaned children in southern Africa for one month at home, right around your kitchen table. From the Forgotten Voices website, download and follow the instructions to create one or more Orphan Giving Cubes. Each cube highlights the story of an orphaned child assisted by Forgotten Voices, conversation prompts – and serves as an offering container. Use the cube as your table centerpiece from Orphan Sunday (November 3, 2013) through Giving Tuesday (December 3, 2013). Throughout the month, the Orphan Giving Cube will help you raise awareness with your family and friends and remind you to pray for orphaned children in southern Africa. Collect dollars and coins in the cube throughout the month and send in your donation on Giving Tuesday. Your gifts will fund customized care – including education, home based care, skills training, income generation and counseling – to orphaned and vulnerable children in Zimbabwe and Zambia through local church ministries.

What Local Host Does:

What Organizational Partner Does:

  • Forgotten Voices will make the Orphan Giving Cube templates and promotional poster available for download from the Forgotten Voices website.
  • In December, Forgotten Voices will distribute your donations to our church partners in southern Africa as they prepare to start a new year of meeting the physical and spiritual needs or orphaned and vulnerable children in their communities.

Contact for Further Information:

4.  Organization Name:  Hope Unlimited for Children

Partnership Model:  Faithful Monthly Sponsorship 

What the Local Host Does:  Thrive Team members are advocates working toward changing the lives of abandoned, exploited, and trafficked children in the care of Hope Unlimited for Children. Team members make a $35/month donation to ensure dependable funding is available for the award-winning programs that allow children to thrive. What’s it mean to thrive? Check out the website listed below.

What the Organizational Partner Does:

The chance to thrive is exactly what Hope Unlimited for Children brings to over 1,200 children every day. Since 1991, Hope Unlimited has provided the very best in residential care and day programming for mortally at-risk children. The children of Hope receive every tool they need to thrive: education, family, home, recreation, friends, role models, and spiritual formation. Hope.

Unlike most other child sponsorship programs, 100% of every Thrive Team sponsorship goes directly to the children; no overhead or administrative expenses are paid with sponsorship funds. Although Brazilian privacy laws prohibit Hope from pairing specific children and sponsors, you may be certain Hope Unlimited works diligently to make sure every sponsorship provided by a Thrive Team member helps transform the life of a child.

As a new member of the Thrive Team, you will receive:

* Monthly email updates featuring the story of a child who is thriving at one of our campuses

* A Thrive Team t-shirt

* A Thrive Team bracelet with the name of a Hope child

* JOY in knowing you’re giving a child the chance to THRIVE!

Still want to know why you should be a member of the Thrive Team? Check out the website below. (Be sure to read about the Thrive Team logo.) 

Contact for More Information:

  • Name  Susan Nowell
  • Email   [email protected]
  • Web site

5.  Organization: Make Way Partners

Partnership Model: Child Sponsorship Dinner (SUDAN)

Description: There are an estimated 30 million victims of human trafficking in the world today. More than 1/2 are children. Orphans are the most vulnerable to modern-day slavery, starvation, disease and all forms of oppression. Through child sponsorship you can make a direct impact to END SLAVERY.  You can help Make Way Partners grow a true anti-trafficking orphan-care network throughout Sudan and the D R Congo to save, heal, protect and prepare thousands of at-risk orphans for leadership in the future.

A Child Sponsorship Dinner is a commitment to help protect & provide complete care for more of the children in Sudan & in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  It starts simply: Invite your friends and family to a special dinner that you host. At the dinner share why you became ‘family’ for an orphan in Sudan and what difference that has made in your life!  Then extend the joy.  Invite your guests to join you by becoming MWP Child Sponsors too. You will find resources and materials on our website that will help make your dinner memorable – including fun, Sudanese-style recipes and dinning tips!

What Local Host Does: Hosting a Child Sponsorship Dinner is a great way to invite your friends to action & share together the joy of protecting orphans at-risk to slavery!  It’s so easy to spread the word about Make Way Partners Child Sponsorship!

  1. Invite your friends over for dinner.
  2. Share your story on how Child Sponsorship has impacted your life.
  3. Encourage your friends to make a difference through Make Way Partners Child Sponsorship program in Sudan and Congo!

What Organizational Partner Does: MWP has created and provided all the party materials you will need to host a Sponsorship Dinner – including: invitations, checklists, recipe ideas, how to share your story, etc. Simply go to our website: and start downloading today!  Contact Audrey Moore for child sponsorship pictures and brochures OR with any additional questions at 205-240-8597.

Contact for Further Information:

  • Nick Dimitri, Volunteer Coordinator
  • [email protected]
  • Download Partnership PDF

6.  Organization:  Show Hope

Partnership Model: Show Hope Sponsorship (CHINA)

What Local Host Does: In the spirit of Orphan Sunday, encourage your congregation to become sponsors of Show Hope to join the 10,000.

Description: Show Hope’s sponsorship program empowers believers to answer God’s calling to care for orphans at both the domestic and international levels. Your church can be a part of providing orphans with lasting love and life-giving care!

Sponsors’ monthly support of Show Hope provides medical, emotional, and spiritual care to orphans in China and provides waiting children around the world with loving families. In honor of Show Hope’s tenth anniversary in 2013, we are launching the 10,000 Campaign to reach our goal of having 10,000 sponsors. This would allow Show Hope to change the lives of over 1,000 orphans every year.

What Organizational Partner Does: We will provide churches with information about becoming a sponsor and videos about Show Hope’s mission to share with your congregation.

Contact for Further Information:

7.  Organization:  East West Ministries

Partnership Model: Adopt-A-Legacy (KENYA)

Description:  Adopt-A-Legacy (ALIM) is a ministry founded by an East-West Ministries missionary in Kitale, Kenya. It provides essentials for at-risk children of all ages. The children include orphans whose parents have died from HIV/AIDs, children with a surviving parent who is terminally ill and can’t work, and abandoned children. The children are placed within loving Christian homes, rather than an orphan home, to provide as normal an upbringing as possible. Adopt-A-Legacy has several categories of sponsorship from which a person or group can choose. These include schooling (including tutoring, transport, and uniform), hygiene, food, and meat for the family.

What Local Host Does: Provides an opportunity for ALIM, an affiliate of East-West Ministries International, to inform those in their congregation, company, or organization about ways to sponsor an ALIM child. A host also encourages involvement in the ALIM sponsorship program.

What Organizational Partner Does:  Provides materials including:

  • stories
  • photos
  • video for the host to present
  • all necessary information
  • follow-up to those who contribute to one or more categories of child sponsorship.

Contact for Further Information:

8. Organization Name: Christian Adoption Services, Inc.

Partnership Model: Monthly Child Sponsorship (LIBERIA)

Description: A commitment of $40 a month can help provide food, medical care and an education for an orphaned, abandoned or indigent child in Liberia.

What Local Host Does: Partners with Christian Adoption Services and an indigenous church in Liberia named African Christians Fellowship International to care for children in need in Liberia. The local host commits to raising up monthly sponsors who will pray and send $40 a month.

What Organizational Partner Does: Sponsors will receive a photo of their sponsored child and a letter from the child once they sign up. Then, the sponsor will receive a letter from the child 1-2 times a year, and an updated photo will be placed on the website once a year. Sponsors also receive monthly email newsletters with updates about

Contact for Further Information:

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