Adoption Funds

Adoption Funds

1.  Organization Name: ABBA Fund

Partnership Model: Launch a Local Church Adoption Fund

Use Orphan Sunday as an opportunity to launch your own local church Adoption Fund so your church can help families considering adoption. By providing financial assistance through interest-free loans and matching grants, this simple yet effective fund opens the doors of faith to adoption-minded families and helps them overcome the financial obstacles.

What Local Host Does: Organize local vision and details of the fund. Name the fund. Decide on creative ways to raise money for the fund. Cultivate church leadership support.

What Organizational Partner Does: ABBA Fund provides:

  • administration and an approval process for the local church adoption fund at no cost to the church. That way the local church can have the ministry without the administrative burden.
  • a third party applicant approval process which helps the church in decision making.
  • coaching for the local host in how to present the idea to the church and leadership.

Contact for Further Information:

2.  Organization Name: Bethany Christian Services

Partnership Model: Waiting Child Adoption Advocacy (Domestic and International) 

What the Local Host Does:  Present information materials (powerpoint, brochures) to their congregation, small group, or community to highlight the waiting children around the world, and also provide ways that individuals can help impact these children. Connect with community based resources to help plant the seed of advocacy for these children and encourage action on their behalf. Be the mouthpiece for children who are older, part of a sibling group, and/or have special needs.

What the Organizational Partner Does:  Bethany will provide local hosts with a powerpoint presentation, brochures, and other presentation material needed to help advocate for the waiting children around the world, as well as practical suggestions and adoption information for acting on the advocacy. 

Contact for More Information:

  • Name: Heather Hammerstrom
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Web site:

3.  Organization Name: Lifesong for Orphans

Partnership Model:  Launch an Adoption Fund @ Your Church

Description of Event Partnership: 

Make Orphan Sunday result in something very tangible: Launch a Church Adoption Fund. An Adoption Fund is a very encouraging and practical help to Christian families who feel called to adopt, but run into the feeling that adoption is “financially impossible”. The fund can maximize stewardship by utilizing innovative funding tools of Adoption Matching Grants & Interest-Free Loans.

What Local Host Does:

  • Highlight orphan care and adoption on Orphan Sunday ( sermon, event, or Sunday school class) and video provided by Lifesong (ex:
  • Use prayer cards provided by Lifesong to distribute to attendees
  • Shape how the Adoption Fund might be used, and name the fund
  • Allocate Orphan Sunday financial offering to be used as “initial seed funding” to launch the Fund, or discuss other creative initial funding ideas
  • Partner with Lifesong to administer the Fund

What Organizational Partner Does:

Lifesong will administer, manage, and facilitate the Adoption Fund on behalf of each church — at no cost to the church! We are prepared to provide solutions to these most common barriers:

  • Church staff “plate is already full” to administer fund
  • Church feels uncomfortable/awkward approving/denying their own families (viewing financials, etc.)
  • Adoption Fund is unfamiliar territory

Contact for Further Information:


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