Organization Name:  Unthinkable
Title of Partnership Package:  “Faultless” Event Packages Available for Orphan Sunday!
Brief Description:

The team from Unthinkable recently premiered the full-length documentary “Faultless: The American Orphan” at Summit 8. Now, after weeks of requests, we are making this film available for ministries to use on Orphan Sunday! Using a mix of adoptive/foster parents, children from the system, and a variety of experts providing commentary along the way, “Faultless” was developed to engage people who are currently not engaged in the process of caring for the fatherless. Among many other topics, the film discusses aging out (when a child turns too old to remain in the system), the importance of church and state collaboration, the need for more African-American parents, and the fears adoptive families face. All of the topics in the film are covered through the lens of the Gospel with explicit motivation from James 1:27.

What Local Host Does:

The local host plans a movie screening! But thats the easy part. The hard part is actually putting your audience to work. The host’s job is primarily to equip the viewer by providing tangible and immediate opportunities for them to get involved serving the fatherless. “Faultless” is not intended to be just an inspiring film. With the help of our partner organizations, it is intended to be a motivating force for inspiring AND equipping local churches to care for the fatherless.

What Organizational Partner Does:

The job of Unthinkable is to work side by side with each ministry depending on their needs. We offer a variety of packages and options for ministries of all shapes and sizes. Since we put the responsibility of equipping volunteers on the local ministries, we take the burden of inspiring those volunteers on ourselves. We work very closely with each party to make sure they are fully prepared to have a GREAT event. Its an incredible partnership!

Website:  http://iamfaultless.com
Contact Name:  Jonathan Goode
Contact Email: jonathan.goode@beunthinkable.org

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