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Organization: Make Way Partners

Partnership Model #1: MWP Freedom Fest

Description: A “Make Way Partners Freedom Fest” is an exciting way for talents & voices to unite to protect orphans from modern-day slavery through a benefit concert or talent show!

Freedom Fests are a great tool as speakers and local talents share throughout the night about orphans who are so vulnerable to human trafficking – raising awareness in between meaningful music, songs, poetry or drama.

Through donations and/or cover charges, the ministry of MVP uses funds raised to make a direct difference in the lives of women and children at-risk.

Raise Your Voice and Raise the Volume this Orphan Sunday – so the most vulnerable and least protected orphans will be known and will receive care!

What Local Host Does: A Freedom Fest takes many shapes and sizes but essentially it is a fundraising event that uses music, art and testimonies to raise awareness and funds to end slavery and protect orphans.  Freedom Fests engage the community in taking local action to make a global impact in the fight against human trafficking.

Make Way Partners will help you every step of the way as you prepare for your Freedom Fest.  We have a great list of questions to consider as you build the event God has placed on your heart.

Contact us to hear what volunteers have done in the past and how we can help you bring your Freedom Fest to life!

What Organizational Partner Does: Make Way Partners serves as a resource for all volunteer Freedom Fest groups. Please feel free to contact us to talk through your ideas, to request free materials or to invite a MWP representative to speak at different times throughout the night.

Contact for Further Information:

Partnership Model #2: Child Sponsorship Dinner

Description: There are an estimated 30 million victims of human trafficking in the world today. More than 1/2 are children. Orphans are the most vulnerable to modern-day slavery, starvation, disease and all forms of oppression. Through child sponsorship you can make a direct impact to END SLAVERY.  You can help Make Way Partners grow a true anti-trafficking orphan-care network throughout Sudan and the D R Congo to save, heal, protect and prepare thousands of at-risk orphans for leadership in the future.

A Child Sponsorship Dinner is a commitment to help protect & provide complete care for more of the children in Sudan & in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  It starts simply: Invite your friends and family to a special dinner that you host. At the dinner share why you became ‘family’ for an orphan in Sudan and what difference that has made in your life!  Then extend the joy.  Invite your guests to join you by becoming MWP Child Sponsors too. You will find resources and materials on our website that will help make your dinner memorable – including fun, Sudanese-style recipes and dinning tips!

What Local Host Does: Hosting a Child Sponsorship Dinner is a great way to invite your friends to action & share together the joy of protecting orphans at-risk to slavery!  It’s so easy to spread the word about Make Way Partners Child Sponsorship!

  1. Invite your friends over for dinner.
  2. Share your story on how Child Sponsorship has impacted your life.
  3. Encourage your friends to make a difference through Make Way Partners Child Sponsorship program in Sudan and Congo!

What Organizational Partner Does: MWP has created and provided all the party materials you will need to host a Sponsorship Dinner – including: invitations, checklists, recipe ideas, how to share your story, etc. Simply go to our website: and start downloading today!  Contact Audrey Moore for child sponsorship pictures and brochures OR with any additional questions at 205-240-8597.

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