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Partnership Model: Nourishing the Body, Soul and Spirit of Orphans. 

Orphans and vulnerable children need nourishing food and clean water daily in order to survive. They also need food for their soul as life alone, helpless and vulnerable would lead them to believe that no one cares and if there is a God, this God must be absent and apathetic.

A Child’s Hope Int’l is a leading provider of high protein food and clean water supplies for orphans and vulnerable children around the world along with culturally relevant evangelistic material. Every Hope Box™ provides 216 specially designed high protein meals, 100 gallons of clean water capacity and multiple copies of the Good News Challenge™ newspaper.

Our goal through the Orphan Sunday program is to touch the lives of as many people within the church across all age groups.

What Local Host Does:

We have three activities that you can add to your Orphan Sunday.

M&Ms for Orphans™

Children can relate to the hunger needs of other children. Our M&Ms for Orphans™ program provides tubes of mini M&M candies that when empty hold enough quarters to provide high protein food for one orphan for one month. Children are encouraged to learn about the needs of orphans with the enclosed material and then save their quarters to feed one. A simple tool with a simple message – we can all Feed One. The tubes are collected at the church by the Orphan Sunday coordinator.

Clean Water for Orphans™

Everyone on Orphan Sunday is encouraged to purchase at least one bottle of Clean Water for Orphans™ (fresh spring water) for $1. Every bottle purchased will allow us to provide 15 gallons of clean drinking water for an orphan or vulnerable child. A Child’s Hope Int’l is an implementation partner of the P&G Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program and has provided over one million gallons of clean water to date! The bottle is a visual and reusable reminder of the needs of children and how we can help easily and affordably.

Orphans Table Project™

One of the greatest needs for orphans and vulnerable children is food that reverses the effects of malnutrition and starvation. Although we can easily claim sometime we are “starving”, many of us have no idea what starving feels like, or have held a child who is. The Orphans Table Project™ is one way this can be accomplished as people are encouraged to sacrifice one meal on Orphan Sunday (or anytime more meaningful) and to use the funds normally spent for that meal on providing a high protein food pouch for a child in need.  A pouch or pouches of the food is sent, along with a Prayer Guide.

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What Organizational Partner Does:

The Orphan Sunday Hope Box with its 3 elements will help you raise awareness not only for your Orphan Sunday event but for the hope of vulnerable children worldwide all year long. Upon request we can provide your church M&M tubes, Clean Water for Orphans water bottles and/or the Orphans Table meals as either separate resources or all 3 resources together based on your church or small group needs. As well, these suggested resources are great to either begin or enhance the activities within your adoption/foster care group.

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